Derbyshire based TUFFTRUK Ltd is a UK manufacturing company founded by Ron Blackhurst.

Ron has over 40 years’ experience in manufacture engineering. From a base of tooling development and engineering Ron took his last business and grew it into a high volume manufacturer of equipment for the construction industry with a £50 million turnover.

Ron has now developed the TRUXTA mini dumpers, based on his past proven business strategy.

TUFFTRUK Ltd will be selecting and recruiting personnel with the necessary skills to drive the company forward in the future.

TUFFTRUK‘s suppliers of materials and finished components are, in the main, located within a 30 mile radius of the TUFFTRUK premises, saving the environment in terms of cutting emissions from delivery vehicles and providing the economic benefit of keeping local rural people employed.

Ron says, “I believe this is a very exciting project,
in a time that we need to be looking at ways to
reduce emissions and think more about protecting
both the local and global environment”

“This is a great opportunity for a small UK start-up company to develop
and market a new product that is 
“greener” and more effective
than products that are currently available”.