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TUFFBELT Mini-Maxi conveyors are available
in a variety of sizes from 2 to 6 metres.

EFFICIENT – a large hopper permits loading with a mini excavator and reduces material spillage.

PRACTICAL – the moveable support allows Tuffbelt to be placed exactly above the next one. The handy hoppers ensure each conveyor belt can be loaded perfectly.

RELIABLE – built for hire, Tuffbelt is built for the toughest materials and construction sites.

SIMPLE – a simple belt scraper keeps the belts clean. Easy to maintain and adjust.


TUFFBELT Safety First 

Each conveyor belt is equipped with 2 emergency-stop buttons, one on each side.
Just one push on any emergency stop button on any conveyor that is part of the series,
will immediately halt all of the conveyors in the series circuit. With the unique safety
switch action, the Tuffbelt Conveyor belts offer the maximum safety on site.












With built-in handles and wheel kit, the conveyor belts can be moved by one person. Using the forklift entry apertures Tuffbelt stacks safely.

The handy stacking supports let you store and/or transport the conveyor belts quickly in configurations of up to 6 units
high to maximise your storage capacity.









TUFFBELT Built for Hire

The New Mini-Maxi conveyor belts are excellent hire equipment. They are industry trendsetters and belong in every hirer’s catalogue.

Mini-maxi conveyors are ideal for all types of hire customer: builders, gardeners, renovation firms and development or demolition contractors. 

A unique product in the hire industry with good potential hire rates



Easy Loading Easy Installation Easy Hire