The NEW EB500 and EB400 BENDie
Battery Powered 4x4
Electric mini dumpers

EB400 BENDie - 400kg payload, articulated
EB500 BENDie - 500kg payload. articulated

The new BENDie powered 4x4 mini dumper means operators
get a quiet environmentally friendly option for the garden or
domestic application.

The TRUXTA electric has a regenerative-braking system to help the slow down when stopping; this generates power into battery pack, to increase efficiency and range.

Tufftruk Limited introduce the new Electric BENDie mini dumper - a battery powered mini dumper that provides maximum versatility and light touch operation.

Available as a EB400 and EB500, for use indoor or outdoor the compact TRUXTA fits through typical doorways (2ft 6” EB400 or 3ft EB500). TRUXTA BENDie mini dumper offers excellent load
capacity and productivity.


  • Regenerative-braking system
  • Quiet for noise sensitive environments
  • The well balanced robust unit fits through typical doorways (2ft 6” EB400 or 3ft EB500).
  • Easily transportable from site to site, and compact enough to store.
  • It’s the patented ‘steering pivot drive system’ that provides ultimate manoeuvrability in a compact size.
  • Massive 400kg or 500kg skip capacity and flotation tyres fitted as standard.
  • Robust heavy duty construction and a well balanced skip means the TRUXTA is built for all sorts of materials and tough terrains.
  • The fail-safe dead-man brake system and intuitive hydrostatic controls gives the TRUXTA operator the safest possible operation.
  • 4x4 drive system
  • Easy access to the fuel filler cap and daily check areas for service