TRUXTA 4×4 Powered Mini Dumpers and Powered Wheel Barrows are built for hire. Robust, easy to use, easy to service and an excellent tool for professionals and DIY. The Truxta – Mini Dumper is a robust product. Tufftruk offers a range of mini dumpers and powered barrows available in diesel, petrol and electric. It has a range of attachments including flat beds and greedy boards for holding extra capacity.

Tufftruk’s Mini Dumpers are built for the hire market. These dumpers are high quality products that are manufactured in the UK.

The new Tuffbelt conveyor has just been launched by Tufftruk. Available in various different sizes from 2m to 6m, the highly portable conveyor features a larger hopper which reduces materials spillage.

Built for Hire

Bendie Petrol 4x4
Mini Dumper


TRUXTA Mini Dumper 4×4 is for builders who need a Powered Mini Dumper or Wheel Barrow to manoeuvre heavy weights. Making light work of slopes the TRUXTA easily moves on steep slopes and inclines, even with a full load. The latest battery powered option is perfect for building in noise and emission sensitive environments. The TRUXTA mini dumper converts to a high tip dumper with the power-tip feature.

The BENDie model allows access into the tightest spaces on construction sites - just steer round corners without lifting.

The mini dumpers are made for the toughest working conditions - heavy duty construction, strong and ergonomic. The TRUXTA can carry any materials handling that it may be used for on a building site.

Built for the Job

4×4 Electric Mini Dumper


For landscapers the TRUXTA Powered Mini Dumper or Wheel Barrow has a variety of attachments: Flat Bed, TowBall, Snow Plough. A versatile machine built for all sorts of environments.

For landscapers who need a mini dumper it can come with turf tyres to minimise ground disturbance.TRUXTA’S Mini Dumpers would be great for landscapers and gardeners as they can easily shift materials or aggregate.

With the new Tufftruk battery powered electric TRUXTA BENDie landscapers get a powerful quiet alternative, with an 8 hour overnight smart charge, no fuel, no emissions and no noise perfect for those sensitive environments.

Built for Landscapers

Mini Dumper