A BENDie powered mini dumper

BUILT for internal demolition in noise
and emission free zones
truxta tufftruk mini dumper

A versatile addition to your demolition tools and equipment 

Electric Powered Option - for sensitive noise-free environments or internal demolition sites with a full 8 hour usage time 

2-in-1 mini dumper -  interchangeable skip 500 / 400kg for narrow access

Articulated Chasis – handles corners with minimum effort, just steer around bends, no need to lift or reposition

Safe Easy Operation - 100% fail safe braking, even on a ramp with a full load

Well balanced - Robust and built for the heaviest building materials

Flotation Tyres 4x4 -  for the roughest and toughest demolition debris

No Nonsense Hydrostatic Drive - smooth operation

Easy Steer Handling - easy round the tightest corners ideal for internal demolition jobs

Variety of Attachments: flat bed, tow ball and snowplough

Available as: Electric, Petrol or Diesel

Typical Applications

Demolition montage