TRUXTA Bendie Mini Dumper & Attachments

TUFFTRUK Limited introduce a range of TRUXTA powered mini dumpers that provide maximum versatility and light touch operation, available with battery power, petrol or diesel. These mini dumpers are very strong and robust and can carry any materials handling. 

In addition the TRUXTA has a range of easy fit attachments for a variety of applications. 

Tufftruk have released a new range of Tuffbelt conveyors to go along with the mini dumpers and powered barrows.

TUFFTRUK design and manufacture the TRUXTA range of equipment in the UK.

Dumpers Attachments

Dumpers Attachments 2

The all new BENDie powered 4×4 Electric mini dumper uniquely available as a battery powered option. This will meet any emission regulations you need. The TRUXTA electric has a regenerative-braking system to help the slow down when stopping; this generates power into battery pack, to increase efficiency and range.

The Tufftruk mini dumper and powered barrow attachments include;

  • a Tow-ball
  • Greedy board
  • Flatbed
  • Snowplough
  • Power Tip option also available to make it a high tip dumper.

The Tuffbelt is now available from Tufftruk. This conveyor comes in many different sizes. These conveyors are built for hire and are very robust and with extra high hoppers it helps not loose any materials from the mini dumper.

Safety comes first with Tufftruk. The TRUXTA mini dumpers have a fail-safe breaking system with intuitive hydraulic controls. The Tuffbelt each conveyor belt is equipped with 2 emergency-stop buttons, one on each side. Just one push on any emergency stop button on any conveyor that is part of the series, will immediately halt all of the conveyors in the series circuit. With the unique safety switch action, the Tuffbelt Conveyor belts offer the maximum safety on site.

If you have any questions about the products, don't hesitate to get in touch!

If you would like to see some videos on TRUXTAs mini dumpers, attachments and conveyors please click here to see our

TRUXTA Mini Dumper YouTube page.