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Tufftruk and the Environment

Tufftruk Ltd, being located in the Staffordshire Moorlands the environment has always been a consideration for the Company. We understand that our manufacturing and end of product life processes are a major consideration for companies when looking at their chosen business partners and suppliers. Here at Tufftruk we continually look at recycling our waste packaging and increasing energy management initiatives.
The company complies with all legislation regarding waste packaging. As a company we are always looking to keep health and safety, environmental standards and control of waste as a priority.

Waste Reduction and Re-cycling

Wherever possible waste is reduced at source therefore eliminating the need to send waste to landfill. This has the added benefit of reducing costs as well.
Tufftruk continue to look to move all of its packaging process to recyclable materials. Incoming packaging is specified to be reusable or recyclable wherever possible. All waste is segregated on site and recycled appropriately through a joint agreement with a local waste management specialist.


Following Carbon Trust guidelines, Tufftruk has adopted best energy management practices with the target of reducing our energy costs on a yearly basis.
Through initiatives such as energy monitoring, in-house energy watching, optimising equipment usage, workforce involvement and awareness.

Environmental Products

In conjunction with Keele University and the Stopford Trust, Tufftruk continue to design and bring to market equipment that is class leading in reduction of pollution and noise emissions.

Environmental Policy

When selecting suppliers, vendors and contractors, Tufftruk takes account of their environmental performance. Tufftruk will adopt ‘waste free’ objectives on all its sites. Where waste is generated, re-use programs or recycling will be introduced where possible. Tufftruk is also committed to reducing levels of energy consumption. This is part of Tufftruks commitment and ongoing mission to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and industry.Our vision is a greener future.