Tufftruk Ltd manufacture a range of mini dumpers and attachments
in Staffordshire in the UK.

The TRUXTA Range of mini dumpers has become a world-wide brand and sold internationally.

  • In Belgium, France & Holland by Etramo 
  • In Germany, Austria & Switzerland by Bergmann 
  • In Norway by Thor Heldal
  • In the USA, Canada & Mexico by Multi Quip
  • In New Zealand by Youngman Richardson
  • In Australia by FlexTool
  • In Sweden / Denmark by IH Maskiner 
  • in Czech Republic by UNC.CZ s.r.o

The TRUXTA range of compact and powerful mini dumpers sets a new standard in safe and powerful materials handling.

The TRUXTA range provides compact 4x4, smooth squeeze & go hydrostatic system and battery powered machines for a quiet environmentally friendly option. 



Tufftruk will be exhibiting at the Exec Hire show in the Ricoh Arena the 5th & 6th February 2020. We do hope to see you there.


The TRUXTA range of mini dumpers all get manufactured in the UK. Truxta offer a range of attachments to go with these dumpers. We have also got a Tuffbelt conveyor that came out in 2019. Also new in 2019 was the power tip which can turn your BENDie model into a high-tip dumper. This new powered tipping ram has an electric ram that enables the operator to get controlled tipping. This helps makes the power tip helps make the mini dumper be able to pour into skips and conveyors.




The BENDie mini dumper is now available as battery powered.

Regenerative-braking system

Quiet for noise sensitive environments

The well balanced robust unit fits through typical doorways (2ft 6” B300 or 3ft B450).

Easily transportable from site to site, and compact enough to store.

It’s the patented ‘steering pivot drive system’  that provides ultimate manoeuvrability in a compact size.

Massive 300kg or 450kg skip capacity and flotation tyres fitted as standard.

Robust heavy duty construction and a well balanced skip means the TRUXTA is built for all sorts of materials and tough terrains.

The fail-safe dead-man brake system and intuitive hydrostatic controls gives the TRUXTA operator the safest possible operation.

4×4 drive system

Easy access to the fuel filler cap and daily check areas for service