See TRUXTA at Hillhead – 28th – 30th June 2016

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The TRUXTA BENDie mini dumper is all about manoeuvrability.

Available in two sizes BENDie 300 AND BENDie 450, with skip capacity 300kg or 450kg the TRUXTA BENDie mini dumper offers excellent load capacity in and around sites with massive payload capability and easily manoeuvres up steep climbs with ease.

The new BENDie 4x 4 mini dumpers provides access even in the tightest corners. At just 850mm wide the TRUXTA 4×4 is really compact and gets into places other units can’t. BENDie mini dumpers articulated chassis means the TRUXTA handles corners with the minimum effort – just steer around bends and corners – no need to lift or reposition.

Very well balanced yet robust, the unit weighs in at just 200kg and is available in petrol, diesel or the UNIQUE BATTERY POWERED OPTION offering a quiet environmentally friendly option.

              Stand: C19A

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